Welcome to the MIT Invention Studio! This month we’re exploring conductivity and food in "Gastrobots: Food for Thought." The studio will begin at 1pm in the large room off of the Mind and Hand exhibit. While you wait, explore the Museum exhibits with a conductivity display.

What's going on?
As you play with the conductivity display, it shows you the number that the sensor is sending to the programmable brick’s processor.
• Try touching the two paper clips together. What number do you notice on the display?
• Now hold the clips apart. What do you notice?
• As you explore the exhibits, touch the two clips to different things in the Museum. Try to get a range of number values on your conductivity display.

More things to notice:
• What types of materials are good conductors of electricity?
• How does the distance between the clips change the level of conductivity (as seen in the values on your display)?

from MIT Museum scrapbook


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