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    cactusneedle phonograph
    Added: Tuesday, June 17th, 2003
    What kind of idea: half-baked
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The idea was first seeded by Bakhtiar Mikhak when I talked to him about a record of Waldens Pond I had. It was recorded at 16 1/2 speed. I said I needed a player for this... He said "just use a cricket for the mechanism..." Years later I worked on it... I had heard that you could make a phonograph stylus with a cactus needle. When we first tried it Morgan plucked the cactus needle from Joshs plant. The needle was very thin, like a thick hair. We made a cone out of paper for the 'horn' and pushed the needle in the small end. We got the record motor going to turn it and I just held the needle on the record and let it drag... read more here: http://www.pienetwork.org/ideas/phonograph/player_1/

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