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    water chimes
    Added: Tuesday, June 17th, 2003
    What kind of idea: inspired
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This past summer we went for a trip south on the Mississippi near Pepin Wisconson. We had stopped in a couple of the small towns along the river and walked down to the water. At each of the stops we found thousands of shells and fish bones and other refuse floating down the river. In Pepin we decided to swim at a public beach. After swimming I walked along the beach. I heard a tinkling sound like small bits of glass or the sound in spring of icicles falling. It was a small sound, but seemed to coincide with the waves. It was the shells rolling in the water.
Once I started thinking about that sound and how to recreate it I imagined all sorts of ways to roll the shells against each other. I had a cake pan and tipped it back and forth. I had to add water to get the shells to move more slowly. I found a plastic ice-cube bin that worked, and held the water... the rest of the story is at the web link...

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