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    Music with fruit
    Added: Monday, December 6th, 2010
    What kind of idea: inspired
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I got the idea from the website www.picocricket.com as a starting idea to introduce the kit to children in the city of Tomar(Portugal). This was a project to show the kit in the Lego Festival (2nd edition of TOMARLEGO 2009). This project meant to show how to play music with fruit using technology (progamming language) in a funny way and at the same time educating children with basic concepts of science and mathematics. This project can be seen at http://picocricketportugal.blogspot.com/ This experience showed that fruit can conduct electricity. At the same time we tested also in people. With two resistors, each with a clip (metal) at the end, both stuck in a fruit and the result is a number on a piece of the PicoCricket, the display. This number represents the following: the lower the number, or resistivity, the fruit more easily allows the passage of electricity. To liven things more, programs on computer software for the PicoCricket resistivity had a number of musical representation. That is, the creative part of this process! As the clips spiky fruit, a "cricket" will reproduce audio sounds depending on the resistivity in the various places the fruit. Being able to then tell the children that were making music in fruits.

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