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April - August 2003

scratch animation and more

Ft Worth MindFest III
August 23, 2003

- Explo scrapbook

Windmills Workshop
CAMP (Children's Art Museum Park)
August 9, 2003
- Photo and movie page

a field of pinwheels

playing with circuits
Circuit Explorations
June 22, 2003
- at MIT Museum MindFest
and August 23, 2003
- at Ft. Worth MindFest III
MIT Museum MindFest
MIT Museum
June 22, 2003
- scrapbook

adding sound makers to a tree


new ideas for toys
Moving Toys
CAMP (Children's Art Museum Park)
June 21, 2003
- Photo page (in Japanese)
Understanding Motion
(Making Automata)

Cabaret @ Exploratorium
April 2003
- scrapbook 

gears from cardboard and marshmallows


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