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-Create a musical drinking fountain
-Make a machine that draws
-Photograph birds that visit a bird feeder
-Find out what your insect pet does while you're sleeping
-Count baskets in a basketball net
-Design your own talking night light
-Create new kinds of drums, rattles, and other musical instruments
-Enhance a duck decoy so it can swim and quack with other ducks
-Record your heart beat while you're riding a roller coaster, then compare with your friends' heart beats
-Design a machine that paints while you sleep
-Make a xylophone out of fruit
-Tell a story with a puppet theater that lights up when you applaud
-Construct a model of the moon orbiting the earth
-Answer questions with an automated eightball
-Build and program a colorful water fountain
-Send a cricket boat out to sea
-Make an animation machine that will play moving pictures
-Invent a remote-control painting machine
-Build a diorama that reveals a scene when you peer inside
-Monitor the temperature of a pond (or fishtank)
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