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Use the amount of electricity flowing through fruit to play music.

Xylophone with Fruit

Make a musical instrument out of melon, strawberries, and other juicy edibles!
stuff you need
  • PICO Cricket
  • Connection or Alligator Clip Sensor
  • Numeric Display
  • Paperclips
  • Fruit

You can start out by lining up the fruit so that each piece is touching each of its neighbors.

Stick a paperclip in one end of the line, and clip on one of the alligator clips of the "connection" sensor.

Clip the other alligator clip to another paper clip. This will be your "mallet."

Here is a program you could use, but you may want to make adjustments or write your own.

Touching each piece of fruit with the paperclip should give you a different note. Doo da dee doo..

My fruit setup and the way my program was written made it so that each piece of fruit gave a different note each time, but maybe you can figure out a way to make the fruit play the same note every time.

Click here to see video of someone playing a melon xylophone

What else
You can use copper and dominoes to complete a circuit
See how to make a musical circuit using people
For more ideas on how to play with your food, check out the Gastrobots workshop

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