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Try pointing the wands at bright light, dimmer light, and darkness to change the sounds.

Wandering Wands for RCX

Sylvia and I made these Wandering Wands. When you move the wands from dark to light, the RCX makes sounds. I was happy to find that the RCX fit in Sylvia's purse, perfectly!-Keith
stuff you need

Here's the basic set up for the RCX version of the Wands. I'm using paintbrushes for the two wands as that seems like a nice way to "paint" sound...

A rubber band around the end of the brush holds the light sensor in place on the wand.

Plug the sensor cables into the RCX and you are ready to program.

The light sensors light up when the program is running.

To make the Wands more portable, Sylvia put the RCX in her purse. The brick just fit in her purse and made it easy to carry.

Here's Sylvia carrying the wands, with the RCX in her purse.

Vary the program to change the kinds of sounds the RCX makes.

What happens if you keep the wands perfectly still?


What if you take the wands somewhere really bright?
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