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See if you can get different patterns by programming the turntable to change speed or direction.

Spin Art Turntable

Make a machine that spins a piece of paper--then squeeze on paint.

  • Cricket, PICO Cricket, or RCX
  • Motor and cable
  • Spinner (see below)
  • Cardboard scrap (about 8" square)
  • Tape
  • Construction or drawing paper
  • Paint or markers
You'll need something that will make your spin art spin. There's an easy-to-build spinner similar to this one on the Motion Module pages. Find the Motion Modules here.
When you've builtyour spinner, flip it upside down, and place on a square board.
Tape it to the board.

Turn rightside up, and you're ready to plug it in to a Cricket or LEGO RCX, and then program the motor to make your turntable spin.

Use a garbage bag or newspapers to protect the floor. Tape a piece of paper to the turntable.

Experiment with different paints and markers. You can try squeezing tempera paint from a bottle onto the paper as it spins...


Or you can put some fingerpaint on your paper, and make patterns with your fingers.

Try to make a spiral shape by starting in the center and moving your arm straight towards you (while lightly squeezing the paint bottle).
Or try watercolor paint and a brush...
Experiment, and display the colorful results!
What else
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a short movie of how it was made (wmv 0.4MB)

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