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Go in a Circle

Here's a way to make something go in a circle - Margaret
Use four Lego pieces to make "legs" for the motor to stand on.
When the motor stands on the legs, the axle will be on top.
Get a very short axle piece and a large round gear.
Put the Lego axle into the motor and fit the large gear on top.
Now you'll use two of the small black fasteners to attach a long beam.
Put the two black fasteners next to each other in holes in the gear. . .

. . . And attach the long beam on its side (the black pieces will fit in the holes in the beam).

I added a rolled-up piece of tape so I can attach...

. . . a zebra that will run in circles.
Here's a program to try with this module. Setting the power to a lower level makes it turn more slowly.
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