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Here's a reel that is simple to make and requires few parts. - Margaret
Start with a motor. I added two bricks to this clear motor and stood it on its side.
You'll need these LEGO pieces to make the reel.
The string for your reel will wind around the yellow wheel. The two grey wheels help keep the string on the wheel.
Cut a piece of string for your reel. Thread one end through a hole in one of the grey wheels and knot it securely.
Wind the string around the yellow wheel a couple of times to get it started.
Next, attach the thing you plan to reel in. I am going to make this zebra move.
Here's a program that I tried with the reel. I set the power to 30 so it wouldn't move too fast. This makes the zebra move forward just a little bit at a time.
Here it goes!
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This overnight painting machine uses a reel. See how it was made.

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