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This motion module could be used for a swinging door or a gate or. . . - Margaret

I'll show this one using a clear motor.

Stand the motor so you can add a short axle on top.

Next, find a large gear and two of these small grey pieces. You'll insert the x-shaped end of the grey pieces into two x-shaped holes in the gear.
Then when you put the gear on the motor (with the black axle in the center), the round ends of the grey pieces will be on eac side of the axle.

Now you can attach a long beam through the holes along the sides. Since we're making a door (or gate or...) I attached the beam at one end so that it sticks out from the gear.

Next, find two small grey connectors...

and attach another beam. This makes it a little easier to tape your door (or gate or...) to the beams.
I made a door out of cardboard, rolled up a piece of masking tape...
and there's a working door!

I had to experiment quite a bit to get a program that worked well. I wanted the door to open or close when I touched a switch.

Here's a larger image of the program.

Here's my door in action.
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