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Spin, turn, twirl, round-and-round, rotate, circle.

Spin 2

When the motor spins, the axle turns. This version uses a worm gear.
stuff you need
motor and other parts needed, see steps below
Use these parts...   ...for these steps.
lego motor, worm gear,  pin with axle end
pin in worm gear, worm gear on motor
1x4 technic brick, 1x4 flat, 2x4 flat
put tall brick on top of 1x4, then  that stack on top of 2x4 brick
use 2x4s to create a base for the motor, add 2x4 next to other, in front of the motor, under worm gear
8 tooth gear, 6 long axle, 1 bushing, 2 thin bushings
put axle upright into hole of 2x4, next to worm gear, add thin bushing, then gear, then thin bushing, then fat bushing
1x4 flat, 2x6 flat with holes, 1x4 technic brick, thin bushing
add 1x4 flat and 1x4 brick to top of existing stack, connect 2x6  at 90 angle to join motor and stack

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