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The advantage of plugging a mini-light into a Cricket is that you can program it to flash in any pattern you want.

Turn on the lights!

When I tried using a mini-light for the first time, I was so excited that I could use the Cricket to power something I had made myself. -Margaret
stuff you need
  • Mini-lights (like the ones on a strand of Christmas lights)
  • 2 pieces of wire
  • Wire strippers or scissors
  • Cricket

Take an unplugged strand of mini-lights. Cut a bulb off from the strand, leaving about 3" (about 8cm) of wire attached.

Cut the plug off the remaining strand of lights, and throw it away (to prevent anyone from accidentally plugging it in again).

Use wire strippers (or scissors) to strip the tough green coating off the bottom 3/4 inch (2cm) of the wires on the lights.

To use two lights, twist their wires together like this.
You can try plugging the wires directly into the motor port on the Cricket--
or you can clip onto the wires with a motor port plug that has alligator clip ends (this is a little easier).
By changing the power level, you can change how bright your light shines.
You might want to use the lights only for special effects. They draw lots of power from the
Cricket, and will use up batteries very quickly!
What else
Use your lights to light up a magic lantern
See a Halloween Lantern that uses Cricket-controlled lights

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