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Could you make six or twelve to turn a room into a guitar?

Cup Guitar

Kristen and Bryan held a sound workshop and strung fishing line from the ceiling with cups hanging by the string... When you tighten the string by pulling down on the cups, you can pluck the string.
stuff you need
  • Paper cups
  • piezo speaker
  • mini-plug end with wires
  • battery-powered speakers
  • string or fishing line
  • masking tape
  • sharp pencil

String or fishing line can be used for the guitar string. Cut about 10 feet ( or about 3 meters)

This step is like making one half of a 'string telephone'... carefully poke a small hole in the bottom of your cup and thread the string ( or fishing line) through through the hole...

This is a piezo speaker. (Take a look at this page to see more about piezo's)

We attached the piezo wires to a 'mini' plug so we could plug it into a small battery-powered speaker. (Margaret cut the plug off of a cheap set of headphones to get a mini-plug)
We used this little amplified speaker ( ours came from Radio Shack).
Now make a couple holes in a small piece of cardboard or craft foam. and thread the end of the string through the holes in the foam so you can tie a knot in it.
You can use masking tape right over the piezo to attach it to the cup with the piece of foam holding the fishing line in between the cup and piezo. Sort of a piezo sandwich.
Tape the piezo (with the string taped to it) on the side or bottom of the cup
Tie it off to a wall, or shelf or if with someone, they can hold the end
Here's a movie of Kristen playing the cup guitar
What else
Walter Kitundu, sound artist

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