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Secrets of the Playful Inventor: What looks like a simple piece of plastic, can attach things securely.

Cable Ties

The first time I saw a cable tie, it was keeping cords coming out of a computer neatly in place. I hadn't realized how many other ways a cable tie can be used... -Natalie
stuff you need
  • cable ties
  • stuff you need to attach
Cable ties are strong and easy to attach: slip the end through, shiny side out, and pull to secure.
A cable tie is for one time use only. If you want to remove it, you have to cut it off.

How playful inventors have been using cable ties:

Here, a girl attaches a music maker to a sound tree installation.

Here's a cable tie holding up the head of a marionette-style dragon.
They come in lots of colors and lengths. You can get them at Radio Shack or a hardware store.
Substitution: If you don't have cable ties, pipe cleaners are similar, though they don't hold quite as firmly. (A good thing about pipe cleaners is they are reusable - so if you need to move something, you can just untwist and re-attach.)
You can also try twist-ties or bag fasteners that you get on packages from the grocery story.
What else
Look on the Radio Shack website for cable ties (also called "wire ties")
This artist uses cable ties to make sculptures
Use cable ties to attach to a Sound Tree

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