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Building with LEGO

If you know these tips and strategies, you can make much stronger LEGO structures. - Natalie
stuff you need
  • LEGO bricks, pins, and gears
To make something that spins, use a motor and a wheel...
And put them together like this.
To attach something, roll a piece of tape then center it on the wheel.
Attach your materials to the tape, and write a program that turns the motor on.
Need to attach something to the wheel? Use these parts...
Fit the two small black pieces onto the wheel...
And attach the long beam on its side (the black pieces will fit in the holes in the beam).
Need to make your grey motor sit flat? Find three pieces like these...
And attach them to the bottom of the motor like this.
What else
Check out some examples of motion modules that you can build and use for your project
Lego Parts Reference download

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